Parliamentary elections 2019

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Election platform

SFP election platform 2019

It’s all about values We in the Swedish People’s Party (Svenska folkpartiet, SFP) believe that all people have the right to make decisions about their lives and the way they choose to live them. Everyone should have the freedom to dream and turn those dreams into reality. The freedom to live in peace, without fear

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More jobs create even better welfare

We want to protect our Nordic welfare state. The basis for our welfare is a responsible, sustainable and long-term economic policy. If welfare is to be shared, it must be created persistently. Taking on more debt is not an alternative. More jobs create better welfare. The employment rate should be higher than 75%. This requires

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Fair and incentivizing taxation

Fair and incentivizing taxation The aim of our tax system is to uphold and develop our Nordic welfare state. School, care, our infrastructure, our cultural institutions and everything else that is important for us depends on taxation. That is why we need an effective, equitable and predictable tax system. The tax system should be as

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The parliamentary elections are education elections

Education is one of the strongest foundation blocks of creating security The security for all students to attend a healthy school in their mother tongue and be taught be qualified teachers. The security that you, regardless of your family background, have the chance to study at university. The security that you have the chance to

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