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Granroth Simon

"Reason. Sustainability. Compassion. It is time we reintroduce rationality and compassion into our decision-making. I want to work for a socially and ecologically sustainable and a fair society where compassion and reason lead the way. "

On the political spectrum, I am soft liberal. The climate issue, the place of science and education in society, the balance between work and leisure, and social- and healthcare issues lie close to my heart. For me, the most central function of society is to minimize the impact of chance on the individual's opportunities in life. Regardless of background, it should be possible to get an education, feel safe, and strive forwards in life.

Name: Granroth Simon
Birthday: 1990
Voting area: Electoral District of Helsinki
Town: Månsas
Title: Politices Kandidat (Socialpsykologi och rättsvetenskap). Fysioterapeut.
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Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svensk Ungdom

Important political topics

Global warming

Climate change is the great challenge of our time. In the debate, it is often discussed what the individual can do to reduce her climate footprint. This is good of course, but the fact is that it will never suffice. We cannot outsource this responsibility to the individual level - climate change must be addressed at regulatory level, internationally. Preferably yesterday. I think we need a market economy model 2.0, where social and ecological sustainability is put above all else.

I believe that the focus of our climate change debate must shift from the individual's responsibility to actually holding our governments and industries accountable. We, the democracy, must take the power to guide our markets in the right direction – clever and judicious subsidies, strong environmental protection standards, and effective legislation that create powerful incentives for a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable society are what we really need.

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Schools and education

Finland's backbone is our educational system. The access to education is also one of the prerequisites for a working democracy and equal society.

Savings in the education system are not savings for real and today the recent cuts in educational spending are reflected in the well-being of both students and employees. We need a conscious change in education policy in order to be able to guarantee the world's best educational path from the nursery to the university.

The strategic funding for the universities must be at a level that guarantees the autonomy of the universities and impartiality of our research in such a way that cooperation with the markets takes place in the advantage of science and innovation.

The study grant model and the associated income limits must be reviewed so that we get a flexible model that enables full-time studies but at the same time does not penalize those who work alongside their studies.

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Health care

We currently have the world's best functioning public health care system. I think it is important that we improve on the current model instead of tearing up and revising the entire functioning and established system. We really do not need mimic systems that are not as refined as our own.

The proposed social and health care reform has many problems and we should not imagine that it will not be more affordable, more effective or more equitable for any party - neither the expert opinion nor the research supports this. What we need is a model where we really invest in the public healthcare chain's ability to fulfill it's role.

The role of the private sector at the moment is to supplement the public services. As a citizen, one should be able to rely on the public health services being world-class.

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