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Harald Bo

"We need resolute reforms."

Born in Ostrobotnia. Graduated from Åbo Akademi (law and economics). Married, 3 children and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Free time spent reading, building, cooking etc. Enjoys gardening in Mankans and the sea and unspoilt nature on Padvö in Bromarv.
Worked 30 years in financial services in Finland, Nordic countries and international locations - 7 years as Executive Vice President in Nordea in charge of Payments and digitalization. Then 7 years at Tieto Plc as head of executive advisors and then also acting as chairman for the European Commission Expert Group on eInvoicing. Now working as board professional, senior advisor, digital aktivist and Startup supporter. Senior Advisor at the Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis. Founder of the Real Time Economy program. Founding member of

Name: Harald Bo
Birthday: 1948
Voting area: Electoral District of Uusimaa
Town: Espoo
Title: Senior Advisor

Important political topics

Global warming

We need to introduce steep CO2 taxes and many other measures. It is not possible to continue to take existential risks. Such taxes can generate substantial funding sources for developing green technology and lower income taxes.
We should also support enterprises that put sustainability high on their agendas.

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Jobs and entrepreneurship

Every cent of the funding needed for the welfare state is created in enterprises - often in challenging circumstances. It is of utpost importance to strengthen their competitive positions - through taxation, digitalization and finding qualified workforce. If we fail her the 2 billion additional cost savings seen necessary by the ministry of finance will not be sufficient - and as a consequence it will be difficult to take proper care of those who need support.
We are competing for immigrants with top talent and as Sweden is now planning to lower high income taxes we must be prepared to do the same.

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We must use our leading position in the data driven Economy and continue to actively promote creation of the needed new ecosystems. We can be the Laboratory for Europe as we are now entering the next Real Time Economy and MyData stage - of fundamental importance both for productivity, service design, learning and harmonising the Single Market.
This should be much more visible in the election debates.

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