Henriksson Sofia

"I want to work for a humane society, to do politics with foundations in science and research. It is time to stop the political power play and focus on what truly matters. Creating a sustainable balance between humanity, environment and economy. "

I have studied history, art history and pedagogics at Åbo Akademi university, from which i graduated M.A in 2016. I have worked as a teacher in Lärkan high school, and as a text operator at Svenska Teatern. Today i work as a political liaison with the city council group of SFP in Helsinki. I was up for the election for city council in 2017.

Politics interest me, because I strongly feel that it is our responcibility to create a society where the needs of humanity and nature is sustainably in balance. It is necessary to look at politics through a new perspective, to focus on co-operation and mutual goals on a global scale. If we want to create a sustainable future, we cannot keep walking the plank with our eyes wide open.

Name: Henriksson Sofia
Birthday: 1989
Voting area: Electoral District of Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Political liaison, M.A in history
Email: sofia.henriksson@sfp.fi
Member in:
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet

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