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Pontán Freja

"Be spontaneous, vote Pontán(eous)! (It works better in Swedish, trust me.)"

I want to see a shift in our climate policies. I want education and care to be prioritised, accessible and equal for everyone. That is why I’m standing for parliament.

I am currently a senior at Tölö Gymnasium with a specialisation in music, after which I am planning to become a doctor. Many would describe me as a goal-oriented, ambitious and curious person, as well as positive and empathetic.

A great deal of my spare time is spent learning new things, especially things related to science, as I think natural sciences hold the key to many answers that will help us both today, and in the future. Beside that I work as a barista in a cozy café, like to hang out with friends and family, and I also play a lot of guitar, piano and sing.

Name: Pontán Freja
Birthday: 2000
Voting area: Electoral District of Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Student, barista
Phone: +358451384244
Member in:
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svensk Ungdom

Important political topics

Global warming

The main responsibility of solving the climate crisis should not fall on the shoulders of individuals, but on those of the decision-makers. I want Finland to actuate an ambitious climate policy during the next, and forthcoming periods of mandate. We have an opportunity to inspire globally, especially considering our upcoming presidency of the Council of the European Union during the later half of 2019.

I want to invest in:
Greater resources for research and education
Well-functioning and accessible public transport
Taxation that incites more climate-friendly actions
Reducing our energy need
Production of energy that’s easier on the climate
Supporting impoverished countries so that they can turn to more climate-friendly policies

These are some of the means we can use to make Finland a more climate-friendly country. I want to see a sustainable Finland that is carbon neutral by 2030, at the latest.

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Schools and education

We need to raise our education’s core funding. Education is one of the keystones in a well-functioning, democratic society; we can’t reach a society that is equal without high quality education.

A higher core funding means more employees, which infers employees that are more motivated and feel better. More employees would also result in fewer students being marginalised. I want our pupils to be prosperous and healthy, which is why I want every student to have the possibility to get help when needed. The threshold for when you get, and seek help should be lowered, and talking about mental well-being should not be taboo.

Everyone’s right to an equal education should be secured, which is why I want upper secondary school to be free of cost. Every child has the right to high quality education, expedient supplies for school and competent teachers.

I also want to invest in more research, to encourage an innovative society.

Education should remain Finland’s trump card!

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Health care

All individuals’ well-being, both physical and mental, should be a top priority in our society. A prosperous individual can better provide for a prosperous society.

I want to make sure that everybody has access to proper health-care by competent staff, without having to wait for too long. No matter they’re socioeconomic situation.

More doctors and health-care professionals are needed, and we must ensure that Swedish-speaking staff is available for those who need it. The threshold for seeking help for mental well-being should be lowered. This could be done by introducing more education about mental health into the curriculum, and conducting a more open conversation about it in our society.

I also want to see that we lay hold on our care of the elderly. A staff amount minimum should be introduced to reduce the risk of neglect. Everyone should also have the opportunity to stay home as long as they want to, and get the help in everyday life they want and need.

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