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Sigfrids Frida

"A sustainable voice in politics."

My name is Frida Sigfrids and I’m a candidate of the parliamentary elections in Uusimaa. I've decided to run because I want to recreate a belief in the future among younger generations. I think that there's substantial anxiety regarding the outlook of our future. That’s why it's something I want to work on, as well as convincing our generation that there will be a planet to live on in the future, that we also are able to retire without an endless loan and that also our children can get free education and health care when they need it.

Name: Sigfrids Frida
Birthday: 1996
Voting area: Electoral District of Uusimaa
Town: Borgå
Title: Politices kandidat, Studerande
Phone: 0405910874
Member in:
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svensk Ungdom

Important political topics

Global warming

The next ten to twenty years will be crucial, if we want to restrict the global warming to under 1,5°C and save our planet and its future. That is why the next parliament and government will have an important seat if we will reach the goal or not. If we don´t take action within the next government, we will have to rely on the future generations to solve the problems that we have caused. Thats is why I want to work for a Finland, where our net emissions are below zero in 2030 and that Finland during our EU-leadership will work for ambitious climate policies within the whole union.

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Schools and education

The current government has not prioritized education or research, and I want to make sure that the next parliament and government does the opposite. Finland has been a leader in education in the past, but the Finnish bright time is over if we don´t take to action. I want to put Finand back on the map as the country with the best education and research. Everything we have is based on education and I want to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities to a qualitative and free education. That is why I want the secondary school to bet free of charge, so that every student, independent of their socio-economic background, can choose to study on the secondary level Every student should also have the right to study in a healthy school building.

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We need to give more resources for the youth wellness because the younger generations aren’t feeling as good now as before, both in mental and physical health. I want to recreate the feeling of security within the health care system, so that everyone can believe that they will get health care if they need it, independent of their mother tongue or what municipality they live in. We need more sustainable solutions in health care, not more bureaucracy. That is why I want to work for more low step alternatives in the mental care and that the elderly can age worthy and get the help they need in their everyday life.

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